Our major goals are to reduce the use of disposable plastics in the bathroom and to create an awareness for reusing and recycling materials.

What happens to the screw cap?

The screw cap is made of plastic mono-material without an inlay and can therefore be optimally filtered out in the recycling plant and processed into new plastic parts.

So put it in the yellow bin!

What happens to the pump dispenser?

That's simple: Rinse with hot water and REUSE for the next bottle. This REDUCES plastic waste.

Find a detailed guide to cleaning and reusing the pump dispenser here:

Clean pump dispenser:

This is how your pump dispenser can be cleansed and reused almost indefinitely:

1. Unscrew.

2. Separate pump and riser pipe. Rinse separately under warm water, then reassemble.

3. Fill a tall glass or cup with warm water. Put the pump dispenser in and rinse several times by pressing down completely and vigorously.

4. Once the glass or cup is completely empty repeat the process. 

5. Place the pump and riser (separated) in dishwasher cutlery basket once
leave or rinse under clear water

6. If final disinfection is desired:
from a small glass of hard liquor
Make a few sprays of alcohol (plugged together)

7. Drying is important! Both parts separately
Shake out vigorously of small droplets
or tap off and let dry (sun or heating)

8. Reconnect riser - just adjust
one side optimally to the pump


ready for use, your pump dispenser is looking forward to its new toothpaste bottle!

You have made a big contribution to reducing plastic – keep it up!